Those In Christ Need Not Be Afraid

What is the worship service like?

Our goal in leading worship is to honor the Lord for the great things He has done. Therefore we want it to be a time characterized by rejoicing and trembling … that is, that the service should be a sober-minded and reverential service that is simultaneously joyful because there is now no condemnation for those who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ!

How long is the worship service?

Our service runs roughly an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes.
Our evening service is usually about an hour.

What is the music like?

Our music would be considered by others as traditional. We sing hymns and psalms to the accompaniment of the piano, singing our praises to the Lord as we are reminded of all that He has done for His people in the past, in the present, and as we contemplate His future return in glory.

What are the sermons like?

By today’s standards the sermons are weighty and considered intense by some.  Pastor Strong preaches expositorily through the Bible, that is, he preaches from one book of the Bible at a time, going verse by verse pulling out of the text what is there and applying the Lord’s truth to the lives of the congregation.

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