Those In Christ Need Not Be Afraid

Mr. Al Eggli

Al Eggli is an example of the Lord’s grace, mercy, love and correction.

Blessed to have born to a family that loved the Lord, Al responded to the call to salvation as a child. As a teenager, he abandoned the truth within him for the lure of the world. Here he languished for many years until the Lord, being exceedingly kind, brought about the discipline spoken of in Hebrews 12. Although far from pleasant, this served to open his eyes to his error and his desperate need to repent. In the years since, the Lord has continued to work in his life through many means, including trials, to cause growth. Having been called to serve as a ruling elder, Al counts it as a great privilege to serve the Lord and the congregation in this capacity.

The Lord provided Al with his wife Angie in 1982 and the two of them continue to grow in their love for each other and the Lord.

Al’s hobbies include woodworking and thoroughly enjoying what the Lord has created by backpacking and hunting.

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