"Leading others to follow the Good Shepherd"

Sunday School

We meet weekly for our Adult Sunday School class. Generally we address a different topic every quarter. Again the point is to ground the Lord’s people in sound doctrine. We also offer a Children’s Catechism class for children age 11 on down.

Bible Studies

We encourage the congregation to read and study their Bibles as individuals and as families. Corporately, we offer Bible Studies as the Elders of the Church see the need.

New Members Classes

We run a New Members Class concurrent with the other Sunday School Classes offered on Sunday mornings. This class is offered on a as needed basis and is a good opportunity for those desiring to join the church or who are just curious about what we as a church believe.


Outreach with the Gospel is to be a way of life for every Christian. We do, however, as a congregation sponsor outreach efforts that we do at both our county and winter fairs. You will also find us in the midst of the 4th of July parade here in Lander handing out bottles of water  as our town swells to double its normal size.

Fellowship Meal

The first Sunday of every month we have a fellowship meal together following our celebration of the Lord’s Supper.