Those In Christ Need Not Be Afraid

We preach “Christ and Him Crucified”: that is, Jesus Christ came into this World to save those who are separated from God because of their sinful ways. To be a faithful church, we must preach Jesus Christ!


Our mission is both to worship and make Jesus Christ known, and by making Him known to lead others to Him that they too might become His worshippers.


The vision of Grace Reformed Fellowship:

  1. Become well established as a congregation, with everyone doing his or her part and then multiplying as a church.
  2. Beginning new works in other towns throughout Wyoming.


We are Reformed and Presbyterian. We hold to the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation as encapsulated in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. We believe that Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to the Bible as the final authority and all for the glory of God alone.

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While we believe that there are certainly other Christian churches in Lander, we strive to hold to the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation and to decidedly teach and live by them. Many today have bent the knee to modernity, and maintain that the Bible is out-dated and therefore irrelevant. We believe that the Bible, if faithfully opened up, is the most relevant and important Book ever, able to lead a man to peace with God and to change entire cultures.


Our congregation was born out of tribulation in the early months of 2012. It was in those early months that Pastor Strong was asked by a small group of people to consider staying on in Lander and to help them establish a Reformed (Biblical) witness in the region. Seeking to establish such a witness in this region, we approached the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) about helping us begin a church. The OPC was most helpful to us in this process, supporting us with encouragement, prayer and finances. By October 2013, Grace Reformed Fellowship had become a particular congregation. Pastor Strong had transferred his credentials as a minister into the OPC and the congregation was blessed with our first Session consisting of Ruling Elders, Mr. John Birbari, Dr. John Harris, and Mr. Todd Smith.

Core Values

Worship: The most important and vital thing we do as a congregation is meet together on Sunday and Worship our God and Savior.

Prayer: We encourage men and women to be faithful in seeking the Lord in prayer on behalf of our World, Nation, Region and Church family.

Bible Study: Being that we have been commanded to make disciples, we encourage folks in taking advantage of the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings as well as our Sunday Evening and mid week Bible Studies when they are offered.

Fellowship: We need one another and the gifts that God gives to the other members of the church. We encourage people to get to know one another in the church and touch base during the week.

Outreach/Witness: We exist to be a light in the World and to bear witness of Jesus Christ and His love for the sinner.

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